Easier offline install on Ubuntu…

In the course of a Google Buzz conversation, my friend Edgar D’Souza shared a less circuitous way of downloading Ubuntu packages on Windows than I had suggested in this blog post. Download scripts!

Here are the precise steps that he shared:

  1. Boot Ubuntu and run the Synaptic Package Manager.
  2. Search for the packages that you have determined you need (they will most likely already be in the main repositories). Mark the packages for installation.
  3. Accept the Also install prompts to mark their dependencies as well.
  4. Once you have marked all the required packages, select File > Generate download script. Save the download script to your USB thumb drive.
  5. Boot Windows.
  6. Install wget for Windows.
  7. Run the saved download script. If necessary, edit the file to make it more palatable to Windows.
  8. Copy the downloaded packages to the USB drive.
  9. Reboot into Ubuntu and go back to the Synaptic Package Manager.
  10. Select File > Add downloaded packages. Navigate to the USB drive and select the downloaded packages.
  11. Click Apply (to install).

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